WP-Translations is a community that aims to be a bridge between developers and translators. We are dedicated entirely to translate WordPress, it’s themes, plugins and documentations.

In WP-Translations we focus on the community spirit of open-source philosophy, believing we can accomplish more together than we can separately. For that matter we partner with a great tool called Transifex. With Transifex we can have several open-source projects to be translated by a huge community of enthusiasts simultaneously around the globe.

As the WordPress founder said: “20% percent of the web uses WordPress!” I want to add we can do better! So the WP-Translations Community welcomes you all with open arms to join our efforts toward a more collaborative WordPress globalization.

Devs let’s do it together!   Let’s go Translator!

Who We Are

WP-Translations is a collaborative enterprise based on the region of Bordeaux, France with partners all over the world. Read here a letter from our founder François-Xavier Bénard, (aka Fx Bénard | FxB), our main coordinator to stay in synch with Transifex.

Our Team

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This is Our Team!