fxbenard-2014Today I’m happy to introduce WP-Translations, the new WordPress translations community using Transifex.

My goal with WP-Translations is to create a new community, a bridge between developers and translators dedicated entirely to the advancement of the WordPress i18n ecosystem.

You’ll ask me why such a project? So many already exist!

Simple, I just haven’t find what I was looking for. And as Matt said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

But what about GlotPress then : GlotPress is working great but definitely missed the community spirit. The state of is development right now is pretty far from what other dedicated platform can offer today. I wish all the best to Marko Heijnen for building a great open source tool, your meetup at #wceu on the subject was promising, but I want to be operative today.

Polyglots is here for sure, but it’s used for the translations of WordPress core only and sounds more like a request and bug forum for me.

A platform like Lauchpad brings too much working area I don’t need (code, bugs…). Translations.launchpad works great but also doesn’t have the communication level I was looking for.

Project like WPML or Bilingual Linker are great for creating multilingual or bilingual content. But nothing for WordPress developers to integrate in their workflow and for translators to share together.

Developers your plugins/themes are now usually internationalization ready, thanks for that but it’s usually it.

When I started translating WordPress I found myself left by myself with my translations, looking around the web for good resources and a place to gather with other translators to improve my work. Translators aren’t all pro, and offering quality translations is time consuming, I wanted to offer them in one unique place all the tools they needed to get straight to the point but also the recognition they deserve.

Other open source community like Joomla are far ahead with project like opentranslators.org and already offer the same kind of services. Why not our WordPress Community?

WP-Translations operates on the open-source philosophy that together, we can accomplish more than we can separately. And as a french guy who loves to eat and is an amateur of “restaurants étoilés”, I trust the adage who says there is no big chef or big dish without a great “Brigade”. So let’s cook together.

And for that I found the right tool : Transifex

WordPress is thriving and continues to grow rapidly. I believe it’s time that professionals and translators inside and outside the WordPress Community have a reliable and lasting place to meet and where they all can find i18n tools and resources. That’s exactly what I’m want to offer with WP-Translations.

My vision for WP-Translations includes a sense that it’s time to bring all the growing force together to help even more people enjoying WordPress in their own native tongues. 20% percent of the web uses WordPress, I think we can do better, and Internationalization is the only way now!

So in the name of the WP-Translations Community we welcome you all with open arms to join our efforts toward a more collaborative WordPress globalization. Join us and let’s do it together!


Fx Bénard (FxB)
Main Coordinator, WP-Translations.org


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