Your project is now created, if not you should read this first Create your Project.

Getting started

  1. Make sure you’re logged in.
  2. To assign a resource, you need to go to your account dashboard, by clicking on the “DASHBOARD” link on the top left, and open your project by clicking on his name.

Manage your project

  1. Click the “Resources” button.Add Resource

You’re now on the resource page.

  1. Click the “+Add new resource” button.Edit Resource Button
  2. Fill up all the fields
  • Slug name should be reflecting your pot file name, no uppercases letters
  • Name can be whatever you want. Try to remain constant anyway.
  • Category as you like.
  • Source file you know what to do here. Upload your pot file
  • Check the “Accepting translators” box.
  • If your pot file is hosted on GitHub for example you can set up his url in the “Source File Url” field
  • and check the “Automatically update source file” box.
  • Save.

Edit Resource DetailsYour resource is now added, and your project is ready for translation, one last step :

Assign your Project