Now that your project has been created and setup, it’s time for the last step: Assign it to our organisation over Transifex.

  1. From your dashboard, click on the project name you want to assign, then on Manage
  2. On the manage page, click the Project ownership tab.
  3. On the ownership page, enter “WP-Translations” in the organization field. 
  4. Finally, click Send request.

Transfer ownership

As soon we’ll receive your request, we’ll accept it and so add your project to our pool of projects.

As the same time you’re informed of the acceptance, our volunteers translators are informed by the Transifex notification system that a your WordPress project is now part of our community, they can start translating it.

As soon as your project is assigned, we’ll create a new project post here on WP-Translations to make an official announcement for all our translators and for you to link to.

Now you just have to install and use the TX client to pull all the translations whenever you want.

Install the TX Client




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