You have several ways to create your project

1 – The Wizard way

You just registered and confirmed your email address. You land on the Welcome page.
Click on the “Set up a new project” button on the left side.

  1. Create your Project by setting up
    • The name for your organization, Usually your username.
    • The name of your project. It should reflect your WordPress plugin/theme name.
    • Most important, set the source language to English(United States) (en_US) as recommanded by WordPress.
    • Check the box “My project is open source”.
    • And enter the url of it.
    • Click Next.
  2. Upload files
    • Upload your pot file.
    • Set the file format to Po file (.po)
    • Click Next.
  3. Languages
    • Don’t bother adding them, it will automatically done when you join our hub.
    • Click Next.
  4. Step 4: Congrats, your organization and project are ready.

You can now assign it to our community Assign your Project

2- Using your dashboard

  1. Make sure you’re logged in.
  2. Go to your account dashboard, by clicking on the “DASHBOARD” link on the top left of the page.

Create your new organization

An organization is like a repository where you will put and manage all your own projects.

  1. If you already joined as a translator our community from your dashboard, click the “Create Organization” button.Setup Organization
  2. If you don’t see the banner, click on the “Create Organization” button from the dropdown menu with your username on the top left
    Create Org dropdown
  • Give a name to your organization, usually your username, but whatever you fill like will be fine.
  • Check the box for my projects are open source.
  • Click the “Create organization” button
  • doneCreate Organization

Create a new project

Now your organization is created you can add projects to it. Great

  1. Click the “+NEW” button.Add-Project

In the new create opened page :

  1. Fill up the name and description fields. It’s pretty simple no need to spend to much time here.
  2. For the language source choose : English (United-States) (en_US). This is really important, it’s the official recommendation from WordPress.
  3. For the Licence : Other open souce.
  4. And for the open source url : the url where your source can be find (e.g: your GitHub or Bitbucket repo url).Create-Project

Your project is now setup, now let’s polish up his settings.

Manage your project

  1. On your DASHBOARD page, click on your New Project Name.
  2. Click the “Manage” button.Manage-Project

Edit Project Options Tab:

Details Section:

  1. You can add a longer description if you feel like it.
  2. But most important : Add the url of your plugin or theme in the Homepage field. (It will appear on your project page).

Features and Tags Sections:

  1. Fill up resources from TM. Checking this option will make the system to fill up resources automatically with 100% similar matches from the unique WP-Translations Translation Memory, and it will make our Translators life easier.
  2. And for the tags don’t forget to add : wp-translations + wordpress + plugin or theme.Features-Tags Sections

You’re almost done! Your project is now setup. You just have to assign it a resource and join the WP-Translations Organization.

Assign a Resource 

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