WP-Translations is the place where Developers can find volunteers translators to make their projects available in several languages for FREE. We currently support open-source Free/Freemium plugins and themes for WordPress.

To handle our Translation Community we rely on Transifex. The simplest, easiest and most effective worldwide localization platform around.

Using Transifex will boost your support to translations with almost no work to be done on your side

How does it work?

  1. Register for FREE at Transifex.
  2. Create your project.
  3. Add a resource.
    Master files can be automatically synchronized from GitHub or any URL from your server.
  4. Assign your project to the WP-Translations organization over Transifex.
  5. Translators translate directly from their browser or from their own local files.
  6. Translations are ready.
  7. Using the .TX client from Transifex pull the translations and add them to your languages folder.
  8. That’s it, your WordPress plugin or theme is 100% i18n ready, nothing more.
    So what are you waiting for to join the Community?