Displaying the project hierarchy

tx status is a simple command that displays the existing project configuration in a more human readable format. It lists all resources that have been initialized under the local project and all their associated translation files:

$ tx status
myproject -> default (1 of 1)
Translation Files:
 - en_US: languages/pot-slug.pot (source)
 - ar: languages/pot-slug-ar.po
 - as: languages/pot-slug-as.po
 - bg: languages/pot-slug-bg.po
 - bn_IN: languages/pot-slug-bn_IN.p

Deleting a resource

You can use the tx delete command.

To delete one or more translations, the -l option should be used along with the list of languages that you wish to remove.

$ tx delete -r project.resource -l en_US,en_AU

To prevent destructive actions, the client will refuse to delete resources or languages which contain translations. In such cases, the -f option should be used for the task to be completed.

You are now ready to fully use the power of the web ui and the client of Transifex.

You just have to send us your WordPress projects and we’ll translate them together.


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