Easily integrate a list of languages in your WordPress readme.txt

Easily integrate a list of languages in your WordPress readme.txt

WordPress Developer, you were looking for a listing of all the languages translations available in your WordPress plugins/themes to add to your readme.txt files?

You’re lucky we made one for you, using the locale.php WordPress file.

It shows Native and English names, and displays nicely all the languages you need ordered alphabetically.

The first part of the list are the most translated languages in our Community but if it isn’t enough, we’re sure you’ll find all the necessary ones in the second part of the list.

You just have to make a copy and paste in your readme.txt file to integrate this beautiful ready to use list of all available languages for your own files.

Don’t hesitate to use it, it’s for you.

It shows your concern about i18n – brings you new users – but most important it’s the perfect good way to thanks all the translators who made those translations for you. They deserve and be grateful for it, that’s certain.

[gist url=”https://gist.github.com/fxbenard/a01a29d75b90bc0281a5″]

A special tribute @johnbillion who inspired us on this one.

So what do you think of that? Useful, no? We bet it is!

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  1. Chris Nash

    I’m thinking about adding this functionality to the Transifex-Stats plugin forked on GitHub. I just tried it out on http://loseyourmarbles.co/2014/08/translation-instant-breadcrumbs/ and it certainly needs a bit of CSS work, but including the “native” names (not to mention a native language “Translate” button) seems like it might be a way to get more translators involved in the project.

    I also think the stats could do with a bit of additional configuration – things like pushing the biggest Community languages to the top. If anyone else has any ideas I’d love to do some work on the WP-Translations fork of this plugin.

    1. FxB | fxbenard

      You’re reading my mind, exactly what I was looking for. I updated the GH repo to the latest revision of Transifex-Stats. Check it out. Any improvements will be welcome.

      You can remove the native language from displaying and maybe add an option to remove all the 0%. the best will be to have 3 sections: done, in progress, waiting for you, that will be the must 😉

      Thanks for taking part, you can have a look at https://gist.github.com/seb86/4db2aff710d0a47dc6c0, Seb another active dev already had a look

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