WP-Translations & WordPress Core Translations Relationship

WP-Translations & WordPress Core Translations Relationship

I write this post to make things clear cause i see some confusions rising and people asking me why and what we are doing with the WordPress Core Translations.

What’s your plan?

Simple, we don’t have No Plan.

Since the beginning we only have one point of view: Core is core and we don’t translate it.
We only offer translation services for free and fremium plugins and themes.

There is only one place to translate WordPress core and you’re all most welcome to participate: http://translate.wordpress.org/projects

Ok but why can I see the WordPress core files in your Transifex web ui?

Simple, we only use those files to build the best Translation Memory file as possible and that’s all. No way to change, add, translate or fool around with them.

Why that?

To give our translators the best way to stick and respect the WordPress globalization standard created by each Core Teams. It’s an effort of standardization and also a way to respect the hard work of all core teams.

For sure we could have started from nothing, but why reinventing the wheel, especially when it’s marvelously well done on the other hand?

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry if i get some core translators confused or hurt, i wasn’t probably clear enough with that. Now it’s done. I’m learning by doing.

And if you want to see by yourself just join your team and see how it works. Let’s unite and give WordPress users a 100% globalized experience.



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