Let’s create our Community together

Let’s create our Community together

The main idea behind WP-Translations, is Community.

We are a community of translators but not only, we are an opportunity to gather and unify on a single topic:

Give WordPress users the best accessibility to i18n!

So today we need you, Translators, we don’t have to say why, without you nothing is possible.
Now if you have some translations you want to share, send them over, we’ll be happy to add and make them available in our community.

We also need you, Developers, helping us with some coding will be a big help.
We have great ideas that are waiting for you. You’re most welcome to join us at GitHub. And if you have 5 mins to give us back, sharing, and developing with others, we all will benefit of it.

And we need you, You, whoever you’re, Writers, Community Managers, Donors, Ninjas, Hobbits, Experts or Beginners, there is room for everybody.

Our community is made by You, and for You.

Today we have one more chance to express how we see our world: Sharing who We are, Open as the tools we use, and Growing Together.

So get in touch, we need You! and don’t forget to put your badge on, it’s the first step to express who you are.


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