Before you can get started, you need to register  our organization at Transifex. Transifex is the platform we’re using for the translations. It’s totally FREE and already being used by some high profile Open Source projects, and makes collaborating easy. Once registered, you’ll be able to add your own projects for translation. So you’ll need to register only once.

    1. Go to the WP-Translations page on Transifex. You’ll end up on the page below Join Transifex
    2. Click “LOCALIZE YOUR PROJECT” button. (See image above).
    3. You’ll be taken to the registration page. Just fill in the form! and create your account.
      Signup to Transifex
    4. To activate your account, follow the instructions sent to you by email.
      Email Confirmation Page
    5. Welcome Page – Fill up the fields and select “I want to add a project”.
      Welcome to Transifex
    6. Welcome Page Part 2 – Add your organization name and check the mention “Organization will host open source projects…”.
      After the premium trial for 30 days you’ll be able to add your projects for FREE with unlimited translations.
    7. Welcome to Transifex part 2Hit the “START MY FREE TRIAL” button to create and register your new organisation.
    8. Once you’re registered, don’t forget to edit your profile and check your notifications settings in “your user account” on the right up corner.


Create Your Project