Transifex integration with Zapier

Transifex integration with Zapier

Follow these few steps and easily receive an email notification when a translation hits 100% in your Transifex project.

Before beginning, please ensure you have your login credentials for Zapier. If you don’t, register and login at

Once you’ve logged in, click the “Learn More” button below.

In the Zapier editor:
Hit the “Start Using This! orange button.

1. Choose a trigger and action

Hit “continue”.

2. Select a Web Hook account

“Copy to Clipboard” the Zapier Webhook URL
Hit continue.

2′. In Transifex:

In your Transifex project manage page -> edit project: “Paste” the url in the features webhook area
Transifex Webhook

3. Select a Gmail account

Setup your account and test it
Hit continue.

4. Filter Web Hook triggers

Change the ‘project_slug’ and ‘resource_slug’ with the one of your own project.
Hit continue.

5. Match up Web Hook Hook to Gmail Email

Change the “To” and “From Name” fields to reflect your own preferences
Hit continue.

6. Test the Zap

7. Name and turn this Zap on
Name your app and
Hit the “Turn Zap On” button.

You have now setup your Zap and are ready to use it. Next time a translation is completed you will receive a nice email. No more hassle to check your Transifex page everyday, just rely on your Zap and enjoy.


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