Thousands of Reasons

Transifex is a dedicated platform for translation, trusted by the Open Source Community, so perfect for WordPress projects.

A Platform for Translator

Based on a cloud platform, no need to install anything on your computer.
If you’re used to translate on your own locally, with Poedit, no problem, you can import your translated files.

With a clear dashboard and the notifications system stay up to date is everything that happens to our projects.

Transifex integrates lots of tools to create way to communicate between users, at every level of a project, from the management to the translation with tools like global announcements, discussions places (forums) for every languages.
At the string level you have a detailed area (extracted from the source language file and the comments of the authors), a tag system, an history system, a glossary and the suggestions.

The suggestions system use a globalized TM (Translation Memory) shared between all the projects of our community. It means a better uniformation of regular stings used in different projects but also a gain of time for every translators with the autocomplete of similar strings.

Every project as in WordPress got is own use role system to easily manage them : coordinators, reviewers and translators and to create quality translations files.

But also a platform for Developers

Project can be linked to your .pot source file and every changes you do to it will automatically be reflected on Transifex side. No more hassle managing i18n files and getting in touch with translators, you’re free to spend your time coding.

The Transifex dedicated command line client tool, integrates perfectly in your workflow. Like a Git or svn client simply push and pull to your local folder the translations and get everything ready for your next update.

And if you want to push further, you can even use the RESTful API to why not develop a plugin for WordPress, who knows?

But enough talking, the best thing to do is using it isn’t it?

Join us and let’s do it together! Let’s translate together!

Essentials points

Find out below the main reasons Transifex appeared to us as the perfect tool/platform for our community

Free for Open Source Projects
Translations made easy
Managing teams
Workflow integration
Continuous localization


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