During WPCamp Europe in 2013, Matt Mullenweg confirmed some amazing statistics about WordPress, how it is used and how he sees the future of the community:

WordPress in the World:

  • 20% of the web is powered by WordPress.
  • The next step for WordPress will definitely be translations with the 3.7 and his language pack feature.

We add based on the WordPress Foundation sources:

  • 73% of WordPress users are using it in english en_US.
  • So 27 % aren’t means almost 1% of the web isn’t.

1% of the World Wide WEB needs, wants and deserves WordPress translations.

Today more and more developers are getting conscious of the importance of translations in their working process, you should read this excellent article by Kim of MailPoet on the importance of Translation.

Business talking

“Internationalization represents half  of your audience” Otto in WordCamp Europe 2013

Every dime you spend on translations will make you richer for sure, more users, more selling.
But it also means more feedback, so a chance for you to improve your code and work better and faster.

Translation on the internet is the only way to create a connection between people from different part of the world.

What works in real life, like the body, eyes, sign languages are reduced to zero here. We’re talking of WordPress as a community but we keep it to ourself if we don’t take some time, concern, investment into it. That’s not how i see our community and that’s why i’m here.

If Code is Poetry, Translation is Caring.

If WordPress is Open Source, WP-Translations is Open Mind.

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