Welcome Translators! WP-Translations is the place where you will find a number of WordPress amazing Plugins and Themes to make them available in your home language. In exchange you will receive credit for your work and will certainly make part of the WP community history in your country. To handle our Translation Community we’re using Transifex. The simplest, easiest and most effective worldwide localization platform around. Free and fun to use, yet powerful and reliable. Using Transifex will give you all the necessary tools in one unique place to translate, communicate, as a team member.

How does it work?

  1. Register for FREE at Transifex.
  2. Join our community by joining a translation team.
  3. With all the Transifex tools, quietly and easily translate the project of your choice
  4. Translation is ready.
  5. Using the web client from Transifex download it and add it to your project languages folder.
  6. That’s it, your WordPress plugin or theme is 100% i18n ready, nothing more.
  7. At the same time the author of the project gets notified that your translation file is ready. You should find it in the next update of the plugin/theme. So what are you waiting for to join the Community?

Join & Translate