WordPress.org is Testing International Plugin Directories – Us Too!

You probably all know about, if not WordPress.org is Testing International Theme and Plugin Directories. You can learn more about it on this post of WP Tavern

We’re also concerned about that and we want of course be part of it.
For that we’re making some beta testing to figure out how we can integrate our workflow (TX client, grunt tasks…) with GlotPress and the WordPress.org translation effort.

We’re lucky one of the project we’re translating is also in the testing area over there. I’m talking about “User Switching“.

So to get the best testing resourses possible, we need you once again!

We updated both resources files and added the readme.po.

How can you help:

Simply give it a boost of translations? It will be awesome.

Thanks already to all teams that already started or finished translating them (special bigup to the French team, “Vous déchirez les gars!”)

We’re counting on all of you to change how WordPress integrates languages!

And if you want to discover and participate in the translations of others projets, you’re most welcome too.


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