Find out how to create a perfect workflow for your WordPress plugins/themes between GitHub & Transifex with the .TX Client command tool.


  • A GitHub account.
  • The TX client installed, if not follow this white rabbit.
  • A Git tool.
  • A update working copy of  the WordPress subversion WordPress tools folder especially the makepot.php file.
  • And 10min to watch the video.

You can find below the command lines used in the video

Since the revision 26000 of the WordPress svn, to create the pot file you should use
[gist url=”″]

To add to your .tx folder in your plugin folder
[gist url=”″]

Basics pulls commands
[gist url=”″ file=”pulls”]

Thank you for watching, you’ve arrived at the end of our explanations, we hope you found them useful and they gave you a glimpse of all the things you can do by being part of our devs/translations community.

Give your plugins/themes translations a twist of Transifex and the entire WordPress community will thank you!


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