WP-Translations in 2014 What Our Plan Means To You

WP-Translations in 2014 What Our Plan Means To You

Happy New Year!

WP-Translations wishes everyone a very happy new year! We have some big plans for 2014! Our services will be expanded. You can look forward to the following things:

  • More articles and more tutorials.

Internationalization is a huge domain, we will write more about it definitely. And as we get more requests on how to better use our tools, will try to make a post on each of them to make all of you benefit from our responses.

  • A badge system.

To show and express our gratitude to you, translators, developers, donors for taking part in our community we gonna implement a badge system based on the powerful WordPress plugin BadgeOS. You will then be able to share it with everybody, on your social network or wherever you want.

  • More reports and more updates.

We will publish regular progress status of translations to let you know more how your personal involvement make a real difference and is real.

  • More hosted projects.

We will add more plugins and themes to translate based on your suggestions. You use it, we want it to be translated.

  • And lots of other ideas…

For that Stay Tuned, sign up for our newsletter, we’ll get you post about everything in time.

With all of that, we hope you’ll be happy and proud to be part of our growing community as we’re to have you.

Exciting! If you have any other ideas on things we should do in 2014, it’s time. And don’t forget to spread the world.

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