WP-Translations Badges is our new WordPress plugin and it is now available in the official repository.

It allows you to easily display badges, wherever you want on your WordPress website, to show your own commitment in our community.

We were looking for a way to increase the community spirit around here. A way to unite, to communicate, to say you are part of  our Community and Thanks You for your involvement.

So at first we thought of a simple text widget and asking you to stick a badge picture into it. But it wasn’t user friendly enough for us.
So when we find out that Myles McNamara, had the same idea with his “WordCamp Miami badges”, thanks man, we forked it and created WP-Translations Badges for You.

Now with a configurable shortcode or widget, you can easily display different badges on your website as: Translators, Developers, Donors and Supporters.

We hope you’ll find it useful, and if it’s the case don’t forget to leave a review.

If you’re are a happy dev, with a few minutes to give, it’s on GitHub, we’ll have a few enhancements we’ll love to have implemented for you and your translators in next releases.

And of course if you want to help us with his translations, it’s here in our Transifex community

So go grab it! Put your badges on and don’t forget to let us know what you think! and stay tuned for more community stuffs coming soon…

Download it now at WordPress.org


  1. ExtremRaym

    It’s a prett ynice start, but I think that more badges for translator can encourage participation 🙂
    Badges for number of project, for number of line translated etc…
    The more gamification and awards there will be, the more fun it will be for translators. 🙂

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